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First Church Service at Perth Amboy Nursing Home

First Church Service at Perth Amboy Nursing Home

For more info contact Pete Sutton at 732-804-4099 or

Central Jersey Church Appoints First Elders

Central Jersey Church Appoints First Elders

The Central Jersey Church of Christ has reached a new and exciting milestone since being planted by the NYC Church of Christ in 2004. With 500 in attendance for our Easter service, one of the church’s first evangelists, Robert Carrillo, appointed Johnny Rivera and Tommy Beene as elders via a special video message. Johnny and Tommy […]

March 12 Service

Quick reminder that we are meeting at Vorhees Chapel this Sunday 3/12 at 10am… below are some key details, Vorhees Chapel 5 Chapel Drive New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Parents, please keep in mind that there will be no children’s classes this Sunday. It will be an abbreviated service with an extended communion. Also please keep […]

Connected Giving

Question: When was the last time you talked with someone about your giving? Yeah, me too… It seems we talk with our brothers and sisters about many aspects of our lives – our personal righteousness, purity, evangelism, Bible study, prayer, relationships, family, work, school, and more. However, money in general and giving in particular are […]

Connected To One Another

Spiritual growth happens when we are truly connected to God. But the process that God chooses to make growth happen is through our connection to one another. So our relationships in the church are critical to spiritual growth. We actually get to play a part in not only our own spiritual growth but in the […]

The Road to Connection

One of the challenges that we face in connecting to Jesus is that we do not see Him physically today. We might even think that the first century Christians had it easier because they actually got to see Jesus and walk with Him. Some will even incorrectly conclude that we can’t connect to Jesus like […]

How Connected Are We?

The past decade and more has been described as “the age of social media.” More people are interacting with each other online than ever before. The number of Facebook users worldwide has doubled between 2010 and 2013, from 608 million to 1.2 billion, while Twitter has 284 million monthly users. Walk around New York City […]

Making the connection

Reflecting on our church theme for 2017, Connected, my mind quickly jumps to a familiar story that happened 2000 years ago in a small town outside of Jerusalem called Bethany. Luke 10:38-42 AMP Now while they were on their way, Jesus entered a village [called Bethany], and a woman named Martha welcomed Him into her […]


Every year around this time, many set out to make their New Year’s Resolutions. A few actually stick to their resolutions but unfortunately many will not keep them for very long. In fact most surveys point to mid February as the time that most abandon and forget their resolutions for the year. When thinking through […]

Harvest Sunday 2016